Exciting Entertainment Ideas for your New Year Event

Entertainment is an important aspect of events, and the absence of it may not only cause your event to skydive its way to a flop event in the eyes of your employees. But it may also permanently create a dent into the event organization and management abilities of your staff. 

A New Year event should be something your employees, remember for the years to come and it should be fulfilling and entertaining all at the same time. Be it fire tubas at bonfires in a desert safari in UAE, or a magician trying to WOW the crowd at an outdoor beach event in Abu Dhabi, entertainment remains an essential part of all events.

 If you’re looking for entertainers for your New Year party, you may be in luck as experts that deal with corporate events Dubai also offer their services in choosing the right entertainment for your event, so you do not have to worry about boring your guests!

new year event

Entertainment Options For Your New Year Event

The article below lists some entertainment options that you can opt for when organising your New Year event:

Set Up An Event Wall

Take it from the Red carpets of award shows; everyone enjoys event walls. Not only do they allow a   way to display sponsors (if any) or magnificent décor in the case of none, but it also provides you with a chance to take insta-worthy pictures and put up statuses that say “you were at the event!”

Include Hedge Shaped Humans

Hedge shaped humans or living topiary that can walk around your venue and hug people, putting a smile on their faces. Take it up a notch by sending out chocolates and other goodies to some of the guests. The spontaneity is bound to produce smiles on the faces of your guests.

Choose Strolling Acts

For New Year event that have numerous attendants an ideal way to keep the guests entertained is by opting for strolling acts such as strolling magicians, caricaturists and silhouette artists. They travel the length of the room and make sure everyone enjoys the entertainment without having to move to the front. 

Acrobatic Display

An acrobatic display is a sophisticated display that the attendants at your corporate event will love. Dressed according to the theme that you choose for your party, acrobats can be made to perform on a stage or stroll through the venue, attracting the attention of your guests! Who wouldn’t enjoy a couple of acrobats whirling through your venue?

Organise A Glow Show

An enchanting use of colours while the background turns dark, enthrals any audience. With the unique display of colours. In case you’re looking to advertise your New Year event on social media, images and videos with glow shows are bound to earn you the viewers you’ve been desiring.  It’s elegant, it’s classy, and it’s also a visual feast for your guests. 

Hire Fire Tube Performers

If you’ve been to carnivals, you’ve probably seen people blowing through their tubes with the emanation of flames from tubes. Oftentimes, audiences may be confused as to how they should be responded too, but it’s ok to clap and cheer along as the performer bellows fire from the tube.

Take Away

Regardless of the type of corporate event, your employees are bound to get bored if your event does not have the captivating environment that they might need to stay up! All the more reasons to opt for entertainment that keeps your guests clapping hands and tapping their feet!

Opt for the best companies dealing in corporate events Dubai for your New Year event, and allow your guests to be transported into another world while they’re seated at the venue.

Six Outdoor Event Ideas For Your Corporate Annual Summer Event

outdoor event ideas

As the year 2018 crawls towards a close and the New Year begins, your employees will probably be waiting for the annual corporate event! Why disappoint them in the presence of resources that can help you out!

We list here some of the most fun outdoor event ideas to organize in the UAE, that will not only allow guests to interacts with others but also provide them with entertainment that they will love and remember!

The next thing you need on hand is a renowned, experienced and well-reputed event management firm that allows you to organize and manage an event that makes the guests unanimously thank you for the arrangements organisation and management for the event. Best event management companies in Dubai offer all of that and more, so acquiring the services of one is what you need!

Outdoor Event Ideas For Annual Corporate Summer Event

Outdoor corporate events you can organize during the summer:

1- Football Games

Football is one of the most famous sports in the world, giving you enough reason to organize a corporate football tournament for annual summer event for your company’s employees. Not only are football games, an opportunity to have some corporate fun outdoors, but it’s also a great way to promote and market your products.

football event

Football stadiums or grounds where you’ll be arranging the game provide opportunities for people to attend the game. They may enter with a pass in their hand, but they leave with the products and service of your company in their minds.

2- Open Air Concerts And Performing Arts

open air concert

One of the best outdoor event ideas is to organize an open air concert. Away from the strenuous games, concerts, theaters, and operas are ideal ways to entertain your corporate employees and friends. Live music, under the night sky often makes for an interesting corporate event for employees. A BBQ and a bonfire in the event is sure to please your guests.

3- Cruising Across Waters

cruise event

Cruise ships often have a sense of luxury attached to them. So a luxurious cruise can be arranged for your corporate employees, keeping them entertained and excited throughout the event. UAE with its 1000 km of shoreline provides numerous ports for your cruise events. Food and beverage, music or just a meet and greet! Anything would look luxurious on a cruise ship!

4- Car Racing

car racing event

If your employees are intrigued by moto racing, opt for a motor speedway for your next employee event. Speedways often offer private options for entertainment which may include meeting facilities, catering and even accommodation till the length of the event. Imagine dining out on a moto speedway while some drivers practice!

5- Desert Safari

desert safari

UAE hosts numerous destination events for other international companies. Among the best outdoor event ideas, desert safaris are a must experience in the UAE. Organize an exciting trip to the dunes and let them enjoy the off-roading vehicles and watch the sunset in the desert! Your employees will love the whole experience!

6- Golf Tournament

golf tournament

Golf tournaments are some of the most famous outdoor events in the corporate circle. If your annual corporate event will be swarming with CEO’s and higher ups, there’s no other more subtle way of interesting them. Opt for a golf tournament for a memorable game.

Take Away

Whether it’s a desert safari or a cruise across the Arabian Gulf, it’s essential that your guests have fun at the event. Although it may seem tedious, it doesn’t have to be! Opt for experienced event companies in Dubai and take your employees on a trip they will never forget!

Do you have some more outdoor event ideas? What would you prefer for your annual summer event?

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How To Increase The Audience Engagement In A Corporate Event?

When are you organizing an event then what is that one thing which you are aiming for?Having people to attend it and enjoy your efforts. If you get positive feedback from the attendees, then you get those butterflies in your stomach for all right reasons. This is because your hard work leads to that success.

But when people give you that positive feedback? This is when they have thoroughly enjoyed your event and thought of it as most engaging.

Yes, that is right! Audience engagement is the key for great event experience and contributing factor in the success of the event. Events can become your marketing savior if your audiences are happy with your work.

There are a number of ways in which you can enhance the audience engagement in a corporate event. If you are running an event in Dubai, then do know that people in this region are hard to satisfy, so you have to bring you’re a game to the table.

When you are trying to make your event engaging, then you can even consult professionals in corporate events Dubai for a better brainstorming of the ideas. If you are still looking for some tricks and ideas then here are some top tips to increase the audience engagement during the event.

audience engagement in a corporate event

Let’s begin:

Make Event Fun:

This is the first step to make it like your audience has a good time. People go to event for some good interactions and learning in a different way.

No one will like to sit for hours and listen to corporate nerd speaking like anything. People want to learn on the go. Also, bring in the influencers who are famous for funning teaching process. Like they might be telling the same thing but in a fun way so people will be fully entertained

Make The Content Feel Like A Story:

Interesting titles and session names will grab the attention of the attendees, and they will be able to learn in an effective way. At the end of the day, people are looking for once in a lifetime experience, and better networking so give them the opportunities to do so.

Tech-Friendly Event:

People are always interested to know and use more technology. Everything in this era and corporate industry especially is surrounded by technology.

So make smart use of technology to make learning a fun experience. One of the ways is to have live polls on some debatable topics related to the event. It will make the whole event more interacting and give you information about people’s choice on certain issues.

Have An Option For Healthy Competition:

People are involved in an event when they are given a competition. Make it interesting and rewarding for people to participate and make efforts to win that.

Like for example, anyone who gives the most constructive feedback on how to improve this event will have a chance to dinner at a great restaurant from the event side. This will make the whole essence more compelling, and people will think critically.

Final Words:

When you are having a corporate event in Dubai, then you need to have professional services for its success.  Engaging an audience can drive you nuts so you should hire professional corporate events Dubai to have a hassle-free event.

Four Most Common Problems At Events

Imagine organizing a corporate event and spending days to set the whole thing up, the lighting and the venue. Imagine inviting the guest speaker on stage and finding out the mics stopped working midway! Ouch!
Mismanagement may be understandable, but it’s pretty unprofessional and highlights somewhere along the organizing committee. And if you’re one of the organizers, the next performance evaluation may not be as pleasant as you may have anticipated it to be!

For instance, if you are required to organize an annual event 2018 for your company in UAE and want to avoid hassles associated with such events, you must hire an expert to do your job!

common event problems

Professional events companies in Abu Dhabi not only ensure that your event is well managed and well organized, but they also provide comprehensive services, from venue sourcing to the décor and entertainment!

Below we highlight four common problems that occur at most events and how to go around them to make the event a pleasant one!

1-Technology Failures Or Power Outages

Technological failures are a common feature of almost all events, with speakers failing to work, videos stopping in the middle of the event and mics stop working right before the most valued speaker starts speaking. Embarrassing, right?  It happens to everyone!

The first thing you need to do in order to avoid such a huge technological blunder is to hire the most trustworthy technical to work with you at the official event.  Allow them to perform full rehearsal days in advance and well before the start of the event. Coordinate with your speakers and ask them for a rundown regarding their performance at the events. Learn and see if they would be walking around the venue or on stage and also find out if they’d be interacting with the audience, e.g. raising hands.

In short, re-enact the whole situation to see that your technology works fine and double check before the event. Opt for hard copies of the presentation. Ask your speakers to deliver you the presentations well in advance. Use hard copies and compatible formats to avoid any last minute problems.

In case the event includes a live link, ensure that the venue is experienced in this regard and has the capacity to provide the required services. Double check for connectivity before the event. Ensure that the room can be made dark enough to view the presentations.

2- Unexpected Weather

Although this may not be a problem in the case of indoor events, however, for outdoor events it’s always essential to have a backup plan just in case of wet weather. Event venues can be asked beforehand to accommodate guests in case of bad weather.

In order to avoid any hassle, you can always request managers to use waterproof canopies and tents and waterproof or plastic seats steering clear of cushions that soak up the rain and banners that could be blown away by the wind.

3- Long Queues

Whether it’s for the registrations for a conference, or for tickets at concerts, nothing says bad organization as much as long queues. No one wants to attend events that   include long queues.  Ensure there are multiple slots available in order to accommodate people attending whether its registration desks, ticket counters or food stalls.

Knowledge regarding the number of people attending may help eliminate the chances for long queues.  Guests for corporate events are usually accounted for, and there are seldom surprises regarding attendees which are why a bit of planning can help eliminate long queues or any prospects of them at your venue.

4 –Last Minute Dropouts

Possible one of the most important yet embarrassing failures at events. Imagine having a room full of people waiting to listen to the guest speaker that the whole world is raving about and their plane gets delayed.

In order to avoid this type of accident ensure that you have a backup planned. In the contract that you sign with, include clauses that bind them to inform you way ahead of the actual schedule. In case there could be problems with their travel plans, inquire about their travel plans and ensure that you can get them to the venue way ahead of time so that they can prepare if they feel the need to.

Your backup guest should be ready to step in, in case the actual guest of honor fails to make it to the venue or select a participant among the attendees that you think could speak to the audience!

Watch this out for more problems that can lead to event failure!


Although mistakes at events are imminent, the corporate environment may have little tolerance for mistakes. To ensure that your event goes smoothly and is error free, opt for events companies in Abu Dhabi that implement extensive planning in the organization and management of your events.

How To Increase The Impact Of Business Events?

Whether it’s the launch of a project or an award’s night to acknowledge and recognise “employees of the year”, organising business events may appear to be a difficult task.
Even though the response of the audience may be variable, where some may find it hard to stay awake during the session, others may be glued to the speakers taking in every word; all corporate events are planned out with the aim of impacting the audience.
Most organisations all around the globe now hire the services of experts in an attempt to organise impactful and memorable events. Whether it’s a corporate event in Dubai or a destination event in Bali, event companies have become the answer to any event planning problems that you’re having.

business events

Here are four I’s that make an event full of impact:

Allow The Audience To Immerse Themselves

To draw people towards your event, the ambience of the event should be such as to completely captivate the audience and transport them from their daily lives into a new realm.

The audience can be immersed in many ways.  Use different lighting or sceneries or interactive experiences that show that the event venue is a separate world altogether and nothing close to reality. The audience can also be requested to leave their gadgets outside in an attempt to captivate the audience and ensure they aren’t distracted during the event.

Immersing audience has an impact and makes the event memorable because the participants experience something not so routine. Their attention is not diverted, and they focus on the message being relayed.

Create Interest Even In Business Events

Business events usually include numbers and facts, something that the attendees might not always be interested in. In an attempt to make the event riveting for the many attendants, include moments of human interaction and connection.

This not only allows them to communicate and network but moments of interaction help build up brand loyalty and trust.

To facilitate human connection, opt for small group activities within the event that allow the participants to talk to socialise with one another. Not only does it provide ample opportunities to socialise but it also generates feelings of empathy, comprehension and understanding between individuals.

Inspire The Audience

Most corporate event organisations aim to attract participant’s interest and keep them attentive towards what is being said. An important thing to note here is that interest and immersion may be an essential aspect of the event however if the organisers aim to make the event memorable they need to inspire the audience emotionally.

Inspiring the audience may not necessarily mean a mind changing speech. There are numerous ways to call to the participant’s emotional self.

  • Hire social media influencers who have a way with words and specialise in delivering emotionally inspiring talks.
  • Include video testimonials of clients and customers
  • Use humour to include improve workshops

Include The Audience

All the participants at an event want to feel included and part of the program or event. In the world of Business events, participants prefer customised experiences when attending an event of companies and business providers.   A generic approach does not seem to appeal to the audience making it a rather dull event.

Including the audience may not necessarily include physical inclusion. Inclusion can be attained in a number of ways. Some of the most trending that most people familiarise with include:

  • Making up a hashtag
  • A questionnaire or voting sessions
  • A virtual event for absent guests
  • Conducting photo contest using the hash-tags

Regardless of the size of an event, event organisation and management may be best left with experts who know what they’re doing.  Not only do they keep track of the “I’s” mentioned above and have many years of experience in the field but they also provide with you with solutions that are well within your budget.

If you’re planning on organising a corporate event for your organisation, hire the services of a distinguished local company. But if you’re planning on a destination event for your organisation, several experts in organising corporate events Dubai can help you make your business events the most memorable!

How Is Event Marketing The Best Approach For Your Business?

Event marketing is effortless and straightforward. The basic premise on which event promotion lies is that you market your company and the business at events. It is preferably a promotional tactic that offers an opportunity to face to face meeting with the clients.
And, depending upon the type and scope of your company, it is generally a good idea to introduce a sample product or free service worth a few minutes to your clients at the gathering.Even if your business is running on a tight budget or your small business cannot afford a lavish event, you can still seek out the services of professionals to make your corporate events a success.

Because a successful event is the one that is likely to give you a significant return on this marketing investment.

event marketing

we have gathered here some of the key benefits of holding a successful business event:

Provides An Opportunity To Interact With The Customers

Event marketing is an essential way to meet your potential prospects. This is very important as it humanizes your company. Research studies have shown that clients are more likely to develop loyal relations with sellers who invest in fostering personal and emotional connections.

And, it is a greater probability that your loyal customers will forgive you when your price range alters, or stock runs out.

Fosters Network Connections

Corporate Events not only offers an opportunity to meet clients, but they are also essential to fostering business contacts.  And, having the right business references can benefit your company in several ways. They open up new marketing opportunities for your business thus facilitates you to get deliverables at discounted and reasonable rates.

This will offer you the advantage of expanding your company in general and the business in particular.

Event Marketing Generates Revenues For You

Besides other business benefits, you are principally concerned with generating revenues. As money is the most critical return, you want to get on your investment. And, when you have well planned your company’s event, you are likely to notice increased sales and improved cash flow.

For instance, if you are offering pet grooming services, throwing a hit event can lead to a noticeable increase in appointments for pet grooming.

Thus, these gatherings are a way to draw clients traffic to your business thus ends up with increased purchases or bookings for services.

Summarizing The Whole!

Countries like the United Arab Emirates are very popular for holding remarkable business events. As we have numerous specialized corporate event planners in Dubai that facilitates small, medium and large enterprises to plan their business events remarkably and in line with their budgetary allocations, lavish events are no exception here.

While among the many benefits corporate events Dubai can offer to your business, company’s branding stands paramount. Event marketing is an influential marketing tactic that helps your audience to have a face to face encounter with your company and its offerings.

Thus, they become better aware of the opportunities you are offering to them. And, consequently, they are more likely to purchase from you.

Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting Your Event Venue!

When you are about to organize an event, you have to make decisions on multiple fronts. Nevertheless, one of the essential choices you are confronted with while arranging a function is to select an appropriate event venue.
But, making this choice seems a bit intimidating as you have to take multiple factors into consideration when making a selection.

But you can take help from professional event companies in Dubai. They consider several essential things into account while choosing a place for your function.

event venue selection

Here we have made a well-researched list of things you can use as a checklist to facilitate this process:

Consider Your Budget

The cost might be your foremost concern here. If you are successful in saving money in venue selection; you can utilize that money for other essential activities in event organization, for instance, refreshments and entertainment.

For this, you must be flexible on the event’s date, as some days like weekends tend to cost you more.

Space Features

Space specifications include things like the capacity of the room. For instance, if you are planning a meeting or convention, you might need a spacious room.

Moreover, you are also concerned with the technical capabilities of the hall such as lighting or electrical etc.

Adequate Support Staff

You are not only interested that your potential event venue responds well to your needs, but you also go for the one that has professional support staff.

Here event companies in Dubai can help you find the facility that has agreeable and efficient staff

Because these people directly interact with and respond to the needs of your attendees, therefore, you must value them while making a decision.

Transportation To The Venue

You must select an event venue that is located at a reasonable distance from the airport or bus stops. So, they do not need to travel much when reaching the destination, as a considerable distance and travelling cost can limit the number of attendees to your event.

Moreover, you must overview the on-site parking options for your attendees and the cost involved with the parking as these things will influence turnout in your event.

Amenities The Event Venue Additionally Serves You


Sometimes, the facilities provide food to your attendees at reasonable prices. But, those facilities which do not offer kitchen facility may have collaboration with a food vendor to facilitate you.

You must check the food in advance. And, if it is not of the excellent quality, you can go to a venue that serves your guests with the best food.

AV Capabilities

Does your hall has AV capabilities, is one of the essential things you should consider while going for a venue selection.

Many times the venue has the built-in audio-visual equipment, but sometimes you have to bring such material yourself.

Parting Note!

Selecting the right event venue is one of the critical decisions when you are about to organize an event in the UAE.

Because all other planning information depends upon the venue, you have chosen for the event. Therefore this selection stands paramount for your event’s success.

Here, event companies in Dubai can play a positive role. As they have professional references, therefore, can help you make a better choice.